FIBAE 5 announcement

Custom Art is proud to present FIBAE 5!   In 2014 we had our first foray into hybrid Dynamic+BA design. It was a unique custom tuned project for one of our customers. At the time that was a huge deal, because there were likely less than 5 hybrid designs in the world. However, lack of stable parts’ suppliers, too many acoustical, engineering and assembly challenges stemming […]

Dear all,   On May 15th 2022, we celebrate our 10th anniversary!   We want to say a big thank to all of our customers, business partners, suppliers, and everyone being a part of the company. It has been a journey full of challenges, but we made it through together. Congratulations to everyone who contributed in the success of our company towards this anniversary.   Any […]

Custom Art is proud to announce FIBAE 7 Unlimited! (MSRP: €1500)   For the last 3 years, FIBAE 7 has been one of our bestsellers. After its release in 2019, it quickly became known for its balanced performance, as well as its incredible value. Now it’s time to present a new and better FIBAE 7. Unlimited.   FIBAE 7 Unlimited is an epitome of the most […]