Hybrid 3 Pro announcement

Custom Art is proud to present Hybrid 3 Pro!   Following the success of tri-bird FIBAE 5, we decided to develop another IEM based on our dynamic and planar drivers. However, we couldn’t have done it the easy way, could we? This time we challenged ourselves by designing our first multi-driver IEM without Balanced Armatures. Removing the BA drivers altogether forced us to rethink how we […]

Tradycyjnie występujący muzycy musieli polegać na monitorach scenicznych, aby usłyszeć, co grają podczas występu. Głośniki te mają kształt klina i są skierowane w stronę zespołu, dzięki czemu publiczność ich nie słyszy. Mogą one jednak wywołać wiele problemów, od zajmowania miejsca na scenie po uszkodzenie słuchu przez szkodliwy poziom głośności.

FIBAE 5 announcement

Custom Art is proud to present FIBAE 5!   In 2014 we had our first foray into hybrid Dynamic+BA design. It was a unique custom tuned project for one of our customers. At the time that was a huge deal, because there were likely less than 5 hybrid designs in the world. However, lack of stable parts’ suppliers, too many acoustical, engineering and assembly challenges stemming […]

Dear all,   On May 15th 2022, we celebrate our 10th anniversary!   We want to say a big thank to all of our customers, business partners, suppliers, and everyone being a part of the company. It has been a journey full of challenges, but we made it through together. Congratulations to everyone who contributed in the success of our company towards this anniversary.

Custom Art is proud to announce FIBAE 7 Unlimited! (MSRP: €1500)   For the last 3 years, FIBAE 7 has been one of our bestsellers. After its release in 2019, it quickly became known for its balanced performance, as well as its incredible value. Now it’s time to present a new and better FIBAE 7. Unlimited.