FIBAE 7 Unlimited announcement

Custom Art is proud to announce FIBAE 7 Unlimited! (MSRP: €1500)
For the last 3 years, FIBAE 7 has been one of our bestsellers. After its release in 2019, it quickly became known for its balanced performance, as well as its incredible value. Now it’s time to present a new and better FIBAE 7. Unlimited.

FIBAE 7 Unlimited is an epitome of the most natural-sounding IEM from our company. We are unleashing the potential of FIBAE 7 and removing all the limits! FIBAE 7 Unlimited portrays musicality combined with balance and an ultimate extension of frequencies. The speaker set up remains unaltered, but this is where all similarities end.
For low frequencies, we incorporated a dual-woofer which, thanks to AcuPass® technology, delivers truly sub-low frequency. We managed to increase the low frequency extension and added 3 dB more output below 30 Hz. Now you can experience a head-rumbling sub-bass. The bass is full-bodied, goes deeper than before, with more body and authority, however thanks to updated crossover, it’s kept in place to never overcome midrange. The texture and viscerality gained noticeably. The bass now has more presence compared to the outgoing model.
The mid-low frequencies are handled by a single driver of the type found in many of our previous IEMs. It builds a foundation for vocals and ensures Custom Art’s signature house sound. We took a close look at the feedback from our customers and trusted reviewers and adjusted accordingly. The slightly decreased presence of the midrange makes the new model less mid-forward. The upper mid-range received the same treatment and the dual-driver brings brightness and details, without making vocals too forward.
Finally, two of our Top Firing Drivers are divided between high and super high frequencies – the configuration remains the same as with the original FIBAE 7, but make no mistake. Highs is where we decided to make the most noticeable change. We implemented a specially designed and 3D-printed waveguide that acts as a horn, which increases the levels of upper frequencies for all tweeters. By changes in crossover design, we managed to direct more power to high frequency drivers. As an effect, we managed to gain 10 dB throughout the whole high frequency range. The highs are never brittle or harsh and retain perfect smoothness. Our 3D-printed waveguide helps in positioning frequency peaks at strategic regions. If you ever felt that the previous FIBAE 7 might lack sparkle or edge, your calls have been answered. The now-improved 5-way design ensures speed, precision and top-notch detail retrieval, all better than before.
FIBAE 7 Unlimited has been fully redesigned. The new updated crossover and driver wiring now offer a whooping 5 dB more headroom, so the dynamics and transient response of the new 7 is unparalleled. The new crossover doubles the impedance of the IEM, compared to the old model. With the increased sensitivity and headroom, the 7 Unlimited is now easier to drive, achieving much higher loudness before distortion. This will prove incredibly beneficial especially for professional musicians on stage. Finally, we didn’t forget to make this IEM the best value proposition we can offer with modern day Top-Of-The-Line tuning competing above its price range.
FIBAE 7 Unlimited is available in our online store in acrylic, both as custom and universal fit. Stocked with Null Audio’s Arete OCC Copper cable for a great sonic and mechanical performance.