Hybrid 3 Pro announcement

Custom Art is proud to present Hybrid 3 Pro!
Following the success of tri-bird FIBAE 5, we decided to develop another IEM based on our dynamic and planar drivers. However, we couldn’t have done it the easy way, could we? This time we challenged ourselves by designing our first multi-driver IEM without Balanced Armatures. Removing the BA drivers altogether forced us to rethink how we develop an IEM. We have been tuning IEMs with balanced armature speakers for the last 11 years, so this was a major shift in our R&D process. We think Hybrid 3 Pro will easily find admirers for its uniqueness, balance, agility, and rawness.

H3 Pro is equipped with a 10mm PEEK+PU composite diaphragm dynamic driver for low frequencies, 6mm graphene diaphragm dynamic driver for midrange and a small planar driver for high frequencies. Pressure Optimizing Design (P.O.D.), which normalizes the pressure in front of the dynamic driver, resulting in expanded soundstage, enhanced musical image and reduced ear fatigue. We incorporated a special 3D-printed waveguide to finely tune midrange and high frequencies. Much like FIBAE 3×3 and proceeding ‘Pro’ line, H3 Pro has been tuned with no dampers in sound tubes, removing one of the most common failure points: clogged acoustic filters. Thanks to a clever 3-way crossover, we managed to keep our fundamental Flat Impedance approach to tuning, so the IEMs still always presents a stable sound signature independently from a sound source.
H3 Pro effectively replaces FIBAE 3×3. It has been developed first and foremost with professionals in mind, paying homage to the much older Pro lineup. Being the successor of FIBAE 3×3, we wanted to keep certain sound qualities that made it the number one choice for vocalists and musicians. Recently we learned that the FIBAE 5’s sound profile gained popularity among musicians too, because of its powerful bass and effortless, detailed highs. H3 Pro delivers the exact combination of these two sound profiles. Thanks to the tuning kit (available separately), you can now independently tune low frequency response by passive filters, much like in FIBAE 5, but to a greater extent and with bigger impact on the bass response, from completely flat to bass-heavy. The flexibility of H3 Pro’s signature allows for drums, guitar and vocal monitoring, as well as casual music-listening with added advantage of sound personalization.
At its baseline H3 Pro delivers a rather balanced signature with weighty bass notes with focus on sub-bass, leaving mid-bass clean and fast for as much precision as possible. Vocals are beautifully rendered in a very Custom-Art-like fashion. Upper midrange and lower highs have been brought forward to better reproduce snare drums and guitar strings and piano. High tones are fast, detailed, extended and sibilance-free, however at the same time we wanted them to be a bit more true to recording, showing any mastering or quality flaws without unnecessarily forcing its own style and masking onto the music. This tuning allows H3 Pro to be a scalpel-like precision tool for stage use.
Hybrid 3 Pro is available in the acrylic shell, in either custom or universal fit. It comes with a Null Audio Ethos MK III Silver-Plated-Copper cable for stage endurance and sonic performance.
MSRP: €700 (universal-fit), €800 (custom-fit)