Ear impressions

Impressions have to be made from soft silicone material. Dreve, Egger and Westone brands are recommended. It is suggested to use foam or cotton swabs to protect eardrum.

Impressions have to be made past the second bend and shall include: full concha, helix, crus helix, tragus and antitragus.

After injecting impression material into ear the mass needs to be pushed with thumb to remove air bubbles and reduce impression wastage. Typically material cures within 5 minutes. Impressions cannot be taken out before that period.

During the process, mouth should be open with bite-block inserted between teeth in order to maximally stabilize the jaw. If a bite block is unavailable then teeth might rest against something of similar size, for example a thumb. Keeping mouth open at about 2.5 cm in relaxed manner without talking and moving is required for achieving full comfort and isolation of final product.

If above instructions are insufficient, please mail us at When your molds are done, please send them to our lab (remember about 5-15 USD customs value).

We strongly advise to send us pictures of your ear impressions for first quality evaluation. We also accept 3D-scanned earmolds.
If you live in a country where our dealers operate, they will be happy to assist you with the whole process and recommend trusted and skilled local audiologists.

Impressions can typically be made in shops selling hearing aid products. We recommend checking google maps for nearby audiologists.

In Europe we recommend Amplifon hearing aid chain.

In the US H.E.A.R. associated audiologists.
Our experience is that prices vary greatly depending on place. It can be anywhere from 5 to €100 so please contact your audiologist beforehand and ask for quote.
We are happy to take your ear impressions in our lab. Please call or email us in advance to make sure our audiologist is available for the procedure. The price is 60 PLN.
Every ears do change, but custom IEMs should fit an adult for a few years.
Impressions will be stored at our lab in physical form for up to 2 years, and indefinitely in form of 3D scans. If you want molds to be sent back together with the order please select this option at check out or let us know via e-mail.
In some unique cases - yes - especially in case of silicone IEMs, which are manufactured differently than acrylic and require thicker shell walls. Therefore, if your ears are compatible with, say, 8-driver acrylic IEMs, it doesn’t automatically mean that 8-driver silicone IEMs will fit your ears.

In most cases we can make a judgment from picture of your impressions and thus spare you unnecessary cost of shipping if your ears are too small.


Our typical turnaround is 4-5 weeks from the moment of accepting your ear impressions and getting payment.

Note: turnaround time is subject to change depending on current load. Please inquire before ordering.
We ask for payment only after receiving and accepting your ear impressions.
Wire transfer in EUR or USD is the best option.

Make sure to check charges rate at your bank first!
For overseas transfers we recommend using Transferwise service.

We also accept PayPal in EUR or USD, however it involves additional fee of 4%.
All of our clients are equally important so all orders are processed chronologically based on payment date, no matter if they concern the cheapest or the most expensive IEMs.
It all depends on what stage your order is. Please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.
Sure! Please call us or mail us to make an appointment.
No, we no longer offer such services.
Surely, customs offer great fit and level of isolation you won’t ever get from universal IEMs. More real estate inside a custom shell allow for more sophisticated acoustic solutions.

The looks

Metallic colors feature very tiny glitter dust with pearl effect. Metallic colors are also semi-transparent while transparent colors are fully translucent.
Our best sellers are Sky Blue and Black Transparent. We recommend combining these two colors with clear canal part. We prepared Custom IEM Design Guide to help you design the best look. Please take a while and look at our Facebook galleries for inspirations.
Every silicone IEMs come with recessed sockets only.

In case of acrylic IEMs, flush sockets are used by default, but recessed ones can be added for additional €10.
Yes, we now offer detachable cables in 2-pin standard with mic and remote, check our online store.
Yes, please specify your request at the checkout.

Note: This is posible for acrylic IEMs only. Silicone monitors come with 2-pin sockets only.
Sorry, but we no longer do this as it typically takes months to perfect our desired sound signature. In some cases changing even a small component or moving position of a driver can throw everything out of balance.

Shipping and invoicing

International orders are delivered either by FedEx or UPS

Domestic orders are sent by UPS, DPD or InPost (Paczkomaty).
We understand that you don't want to pay taxes on imported goods, but it is illegal for us to declare value lower than on paid invoice.

You can estimate importing taxes by contacting your local customs office.

Note: Custom Art is not responsible for any import taxes or VAT that you may be charged by your country's customs office.
No! There's no extra import taxes when shipping within the EU.
Yes, please add a note during the checkout and provide us with a valid EU VAT number.

Technical data

We use ISO-certifed G.R.A.S IEC-60318-4 (711) system.
FIBAE™ stands for Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone. It is world's first, revolutionary, In-Ear Monitor design providing flat impedance and electric phase.
Single Phase is acoustic DSP-like solution, which allows for more expansive, out-of-the-head soundstage and better 3D imaging.
We exclusively use WBT 4% Silver PB-free solder.
We use special, custom made Silver Plated Copper Litz wires with doubled thickness compared to standard IEM wiring for improved durability and conductivity.
All of our IEMs come with same wiring polarity. Positive terminal is the top pin in the socket. If your cable have dots marked on the plugs, the dots should be facing up.

Durability and maintenance

Please use the included wax tool or a needle for smaller sound tubes, always being careful to avoid poking through dampers if your IEM is equipped with them. You may also clean IEMs with >99% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol). We also recommend drying with a professional drier.
In general, acrylic IEMs require almost no care and are highly durable. Silicone IEMs are more prone to internal wiring damage because of being flexible.

Repairs, refits and returns

All our IEMs come with 12-month warranty plus 30-day refit warranty if you feel uncomfortable wearing your IEMs right after receiving them.

Note: There's no waranty on third-company IEMs remolded by Custom Art.
Please check the terms of returns in our online store Terms and Conditions
Your IEMs will be repaired at the cost of Ownership Transfer service.


If your company has a well-established name and market recognition, we will be happy to work with you.

Please address all inquiries to
Feel free to contact us if you got any more questions!