About us

Custom Art was founded in May 2012 in Warsaw by Piotr Granicki, a long-time reviewer of portable audio equipment, Head-Fi member, and DIYer. The natural step forward for him was to create his own series of earphones.


The company’s foremost philosophy is to deliver the best products possible at the most affordable pricing and delivering this kind of quality requires Custom Art to be excellent at service and sound.


As one of the few companies in the world offering custom in-ear monitors in silicone instead of regular acrylic, Custom Art takes advantage of silicone and its soft comfort to allow monitors to be worn for longer periods.


Currently, the company’s product portfolio includes several different CIEMs, ranging from the affordable single-driver Music One (€200) to the flagship Harmony 8.2 (€1100). The first generation of Harmony 8 released in 2014 set a technical benchmark as the world’s first eight-driver silicone in-ear monitor. Renowned audio reviewers have praised Custom Art’s products and have given out top scores to them for their quality-to-price ratio.


Custom Art continues to expand and hone its excellence in new areas. In 2015, the company entered the acrylic CIEM market with the Ei.3, the world’s first 3-way, 3-driver CIEM priced below $300. In August 2015 Custom Art introduced FIBAE technology. The name stands for Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone and is world’s first, revolutionary IEM design providing flat impedance and phase, which solves one of the oldest problem in the audio industry – dependence on output impedance of sound source for correct earphone output. IEMs equipped with FIBAE technology will always perform best from any audio source. First two models (single driver FIBAE 1 and dual-driver FIBAE 2) were released in April 2017.