About us

Custom Art was founded in May 2012 in Warsaw, Poland by a long-time reviewer of portable audio equipment and DIYer. The natural step forward was then to create its own series of earphones. The company’s foremost philosophy is to deliver the best products possible at the most affordable pricing. Each model is a result of in-house R&D activities. The sound signature of our earphones is 100% unique – not only does it recreate the sound, but it also gives emotion to it. The company’s house sound is described by many as balanced, with a slightly warm but natural approach. To ensure that any given model would perform at their best, each unit is meticulously tuned to stringent technical and acoustic standards. Every IEM is made in Poland with the use of the highest quality components. Custom Art’s IEMs are created with digital processing software and 3D printing to ensure the best fit, subsequently they are hand-finished to ensure the best surface quality.