FIBAE 5 announcement

Custom Art is proud to present FIBAE 5!
In 2014 we had our first foray into hybrid Dynamic+BA design. It was a unique custom tuned project for one of our customers. At the time that was a huge deal, because there were likely less than 5 hybrid designs in the world. However, lack of stable parts’ suppliers, too many acoustical, engineering and assembly challenges stemming from introducing dynamic drivers prevented us from exploring this direction further. 8 years later we have finally revisited our plans for hybrid designs and, after extensive work incorporating the latest technologies, we are happy to present an earphone that we think was worth the wait. If there’s ever been a time for a tri-brid it’s now – meet FIBAE 5!

For lows the natural choice was a dynamic driver – a type of transducer known for deep, sustained bass. With a 10mm dynamic driver, we have focused the IEM’s response on the sub-bass more than we ever had. The bass is visceral palpable, but perfectly controlled with a reverbing depth. Delivering everything you can expect from a dynamic driver. Thanks to Pressure Optimizing Design (P.O.D.), which normalizes the pressure in front of the dynamic driver, the soundstage is expanded and the musical image is enhanced.
Midrange is coherently integrated with our first dual Flat Impedance Balanced Armature. Ear canal’s 2kHz resonance peak has been moderately suppressed, resulting in a natural warmth and allowing for more spotlight on lowest and highest frequencies, without pushing the signature into a V-shape territory. Following the ‘first-ever’ approach, we decided to equip FIBAE 5 with two of the latest Planar Magnetic high frequency drivers. We meticulously tuned the highs, carefully selecting crossover points and encased the drivers in a special 3D-printed waveguide that helps deliver perfectly linear highs with an unconstrained extension. We think of our unique dual Planar Magnetic drivers setup as having all the combined strengths of electrostatic (EST) and Balanced Armature drivers and none of their weaknesses. If you have ever felt like ESTs were too metallic and had an unrealistic timbre, but you missed the air and extension with BA only – the Planar Magnetic is the answer. FIBAE 5 presents a modern approach tuning with an increased bass and highs quantity keeping the overall balance.
FIBAE 5 replaces both FIBAE 4 and FIBAE 6. Our goal was to keep the sound signature to follow a similar direction as those two models: bassy, smooth and detailed, with an unmistakable Custom Art’s house sound flavor. The FIBAE 5 sound signature sits somewhere between FIBAE 6 and 7 Unlimited. There’s a considerable lift in lows similar to FIBAE 6, but unlike the F6, F5 has mid-bass fully contained and the bass driven by sub-low frequencies. Upper midrange and vocals are a cross between F7U and F4. The upper midrange is not in the main focus like with F7U, but is not as pushed back as in the F4. High frequencies is where any similarities to previous models end, as two Planar Magnetic drivers deliver a unique high-frequency timbre and extension past Balanced Armature’s reach. They are incredibly detailed and fast, but still carry enough weight to make all cymbals and highest notes sound realistic. And like any other of our IEMs, they are free from harshness or sibilance. Sound imagining and detail retrieval capacity surpasses its predecessors, thanks to the Pressure Optimizing Design and more coherent crossover tuning.
We dedicate FIBAE 5 to audiophiles and enthusiasts, who like more colored sound, with a bit more bass quantity and who are eager to experience the newest technologies without compromising the sound quality. FIBAE 5 is also a great choice for drummers, bassists and DJs – professionalists who expect the most pronounced and deepest bass from their monitors, without losing a single detail.
FIBAE 5 is available in acrylic shell, both as custom or universal fit. It comes stock with 8-core Silver Plated Copper cable as a perfect sonic match. MSRP is €999 per universal-fit version and €1100 for CIEMs.