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Custom IEM Tips


Color list (tell your choice and the IEM model at the checkout notes):

Standard colors:
White Solid
Black Solid
Pink Solid
Orange Solid
Red Solid
Yellow Solid
Lilac Solid
Blue Solid
Green Solid

Transparent colors:
Mid-Brown Transparent
Dark Brown Transparent
Emerald Green Transparent
Purple Transparent
Reddish Transparent
Candy Pink Transparent
Red Transparent
Sky Blue Transparent
Light Blue Transparent
Dark Blue Transparent
Orange Transparent

Metallic colors:
Yellow Metallic
Orange Metallic
Red Metallic
Claret Violet Metallic
Magenta Metallic
Lilac Metallic
Blue Metallic
Turquoise Metallic
Mint Metallic
Lime Metallic

Colors samples can be seen here

Custom tips are available in silicone only, there’s no acrylic variant.

Sample custom tips might be seen here.

We can make custom tips for most IEMs produced by Campfire Audio, 64audio, Shure, FiiO, Etymotic, Noble Audio. Sample compatibility list can be seen in the image gallery.


Note: Colors represented on this website or online store may vary due to differences in displays