music one

best quality to price ratio. period.

Custom Art Music One is dedicated for all audiophiles and music enthusiasts looking for a bang for a buck.
single full-range Balanced Armature 10Hz-18300Hz (+-20dB into 711 IEC coupler)
1-way configuration Advanced Horn nozzle design
109dB @1kHz @0.1V Vented receiver for improved bass response
41 Ohm @1kHz Silicone or Acrylic body

Value (10/10) – The Custom Art Music One is an excellent value, combining the noise isolation of custom-fit silicone shells with a single balanced armature driver delivering an organic, coherent sound.

ljokerl @The Headphone List

Since its introduction in 2013 Music One is still considered one of the best single-driver In-Ear Monitor available on the market today! Tuned with care to achieve the best performance from only one speaker, challenging competitors’ more expensive 2-way systems.

Music One is the best choice as the first custom IEM, as a spare pair used for non-critical listening or for emerging artists with limited budget.

Balanced across the spectrum. Flat sound with accurate bass, clear midrange and extended and smooth highs. All-time classic! 100% Custom Art house-sound.

Music One is meant to be paired with low output impedance sound sources for best possible performance. Use of external headphone amplifier is recommended but not necessary.

Price: starting from 760 PLN / 190 EUR