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FIBAE 1 acrylic


FIBAE™ 1 is an entry level IEM with the world’s first patent pending flat impedance design. Boasting the most advanced, meticulously tuned single custom Balanced Armature driver. Successor to Music One.

– Single proprietary Balanced Armature
– 109dB @1kHz @0.1V
– 5.6 Ohm @1kHz (+-0.8 Ohm 10Hz-20kHz)
– 10Hz-16500Hz (+-10dB into IEC 60318-4 coupler)
– Advanced Horn nozzle design
– Vented receiver for improved bass response
– Hollow Acrylic body

– Carton box
– Peli 1010 case
– Zipper case
– Wax pick tool
– Drying pellet
– Warranty card

Also available as universal-fit IEMs (only 2-pin non-recessed connector) – please leave a comment at checkout.


Note: Colors represented on this website or online store may vary due to differences in displays