Harmony 8.2

musicality and accuracy combined

Created as a link between Pro and Music series, Harmony combines their best features: musicality and accuracy to create top-tier sounding IEMs in Custom Art’s lineup.
8 Balanced Armatures 10Hz-20000Hz (+-10dB into 711 IEC coupler)
4-way crossover in Single Phase configuration Dual Low, Dual full-range, Dual mid, Dual tweeter
118dB @1kHz @0.1V 15 Ohm @1kHz
Silicone or Acrylic body 17.5 Ohm DC

H8.2s have to be the most advanced tuned listening device that I have ever stuck in my ear. They are tuned in such a way they sing with perfect harmony, the amount of details and balance is something special.


TOTL performance; superb mids and bass; great soundstage; full bodied sound; balanced sound; easy to drive.


Since 2014, when first version of Harmony series was launched, Custom Art team were gathering feedback from customers. Next, we looked into most commonly requested improvements and made sure that all the issues were addressed with the new revision.

Harmony 8.2 provides excellent sub-bass response, mid-bass is now more tamed and better-controlled. Vocals are more upfront, without being too intimate or narrow, yet still emotional and natural. Clarity is improved over both previous versions and so is detail retrieval.

High frequencies are leveled out in the middle between previous Harmony 8 and 8 Pro outputs – not too little and not too much. We also improved depth of the soundstage without sacrificing Harmony’s renowned soundstage width and imaging.

Finally, we took time to design Harmony 8.2 to work with any sound source – high or low impedance, keeping differences in frequency response to minimum. Now, with higher sensitivity, bigger headroom and lower overall impedance, you can fully enjoy Harmony 8.2 from any DAP.

Price: starting from 1100 EUR (discontinued since Jan 1st 2021)