big sound, affordable price

Custom Art’s first foray into acrylic monitors. Bold sound and top-notch finish. Cheapest 3-way in-ear monitor on the market!
3 Balanced Armatures 10Hz-17000Hz (+-20dB into 711 IEC coupler)
3-way crossover Single Low, Single Full-range, Single Tweeter
118dB @1kHz @0.1V 48 Ohm @1kHz
Acrylic body Vented woofer for improved bass response

This is the only product I ever gave a 5 star rating


It has an entry fi price tag on it but to my ears this ciem can be a serious challenger to the mid fi segment


Ei.3 is Custom Art’s first IEM developed in acrylic. This fairly inexpensive monitor provides phenomenal quality to price ratio. It focuses on more powerful bass response than Music Two or Music One with warmer signature, smoother top end and lots of fun. Natural and effortless tonality. Great balance between engagement and accuracy.


Best pick for EDM or rap genres. Fine stage IEM for drummers and bass-players.

Ei.3 is meant to be paired with low-output impedance sound sources. Use of external headphone amplifier is recommended.

Price: starting from 340 EUR (end of life product, not available since Jan 1st 2019)