Pro series - developed with musicians and engineers in mind first. Pro Series focuses on accuracy and details. Each model from our range has its own signature and purpose to suit best for each stage of music recording. Pro Series boasts our innovative acoustic designs which make our In-Ear Monitors a true sound engineering tool.
Custom Art Pro 330v2 has been developed for use in professional audio industry as well as with portable audio devices for audiophiles. V2 is an upgrade to original Pro330.

-Three Balanced Armature per earpiece
-2-way driver in Single Phase configuration
-114dB @1kHz @0.1V
-21Ohm @1kHz
-10Hz-17900Hz (+-20dB into IEC711 coupler)
-Damper-free design
-Silicone body

Bass ●●●○○○
Midrange ●●●●○○
Highs ●●●●●●
Headroom ●●●●●○
Imaging ●●●●●○
Depth ●●●●●○
Cold/Warm ●●●○○○
Thought behind the design:

To create reference earphones that have extremely broad-band frequency response, while being quite balanced in overall sound.
Sound: Pro 330v2 stands for ultimate resolution, crispy sweet highs, organic smooth mids and deep, fine-textured lows. Pro 330v2 is perfect for all kind of music. Close and intimate yet spacious soundstage gives a live-like experience. Pro330v2 offers faster low frequency clearer mids and more precise highs response due to upgraded crossover design perfectly separating bass and highs.

Similar earphones signature: JH 13 Pro, Spiral Ear 5way

These IEMs are meant to be used with either low impedance or higher impedance sources. High impedance sources will increase bass response and decrease high frequencies resulting in lower clarity of sound.

Price: Starting from 1999PLN / €500