A few weeks ago we sent our brand new product all over the world
to ten acclaimed reviewers.
None of the participants knew what it was. We provided no specific information about the IEM – no name, no price range, no driver count or type. Instead, we invited everyone to guess. All shells were painted to opaque black and masked to hide as much as possible.
Reviewers had been asked for their frank, unbiased opinion. Below you will find some of their early-on sound impressions.

This is certainly one of the more interesting IEM’s I’ve heard lately

ryanjsoo (of

This is TOTL kind of performance, seen also in the soundstage and element separation. I am impressed”

PinkyPowers (of

I Think you have yourself a superstar IEM

Deezel177 (of

This is Custom Art’s most progressive sound yet

subguy812 (of

You have a real winner on your hands

Deezel177 (of

I love the sound already and would be perfectly content having something like this as a daily driver

crabdog (of

What I know is they sound pretty damn good so far


Harmonious combination of emotions and monitor sound

Hans Barbarossa