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aaw 300x300

AAW x Custom Art Project 4+2 universal fit

AAW and Custom Art teamed up in this unprecedented collaboration to design a never-seen-before hybrid architecture featuring FIBAE technology to bring flat impedance and phasing to an isobaric dynamic driver-based system. Furthermore, 4+2 utilizes advanced Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVA) Driver coupled with 3 mid-range Balanced Armature drivers housed in a digitally-designed acoustic chamber. In this hybrid structure, we chose to use a specially designed armature driver with an open front acoustic vent and embedded it deep into the 4+2’s 3D-printed nozzle. The proximity to the user’s eardrum eliminates sound pressure decay and any unwanted resonance in a typical tubed Balanced Armature design.

This version is universal-fit and comes with 3.5 mm cable.

Key features:
● Dual diaphragm 8 mm isobaric woofer
● 3 precision Balanced Armature drivers
● Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVA) driver
● 4-way passive + acoustic crossover design
● FIBAE™ technology flat impedance & phase design
● 3D-printed shells
● Null Audio Tiburon UPOCC copper cable
● Frequency response: 10 Hz – 40 kHz
● Sensivity: 105 dB SPL@1kHz
● Impedance: 8 Ohm
● THD: <=0,5% @1mW@1kHz Limited production to 500 pcs worldwide


Note: Colors represented on this website or online store may vary due to differences in displays